5+ Tips to find job in Dubai UAE

5+  Tips to find  job in Dubai UAE

Everybody is seeking for jobs, if you are among them then follow these simple tips. This article is very useful for those who had tried a lot of times but couldn’t succeed in getting a job. It is always very disappointing when you send your resume or register for any job but didn’t get any email or call backs. 5+ Tips to find job in Dubai UAE.

5+Tips to find  job in the Dubai UAE

There should be a plan which needs to be followed before applying for a job. The plan we are going to share comprises of things you have already done but in a goal oriented way. This plan consists of some tricks that are shared by some industry experts. 5+ Tips to find job in the Dubai UAE.

  1. Make yourself as best one

The first thing you should do is to promote yourself as the best candidate in the market. In other words, we can say that your resume is an advertisement and you are a product. You should design a great resume in which you must focus on highlighting your skills and experience in such a way that can attract the recruiter. The recruiter goes through hundreds of resumes within seconds therefore, it is necessary that your resume stand out in a second. Tips to find job in Dubai UAE.

You should get your resume designed by a professional or search on different websites that give tips on writing the best one. A resume is a complete summary of your skills and strength and who you are. It is better to link your professional LinkedIn account in the resume as it can provide more information to the recruiter.

Keep your resume, copies of attested documents including UAE

Certificates and experience certificates in an organized way and ready to send. It is obvious that there are some people waiting for the last moment to go their resume and arrange their required documents and at the end they give haphazard clarifications and reviews.

  1. Login on job sites

Get registered on job boards so you can know the recent job market and the skills that are in demand. It may seem useless to some people but still it is necessary to get registered on job sites and this is a better way to initiate your job hunt. It is essential to know the criteria of jobs that are offered by companies in this way you will come to know if there is a need of your specific set of abilities. Tips to find  job in the Dubai UAE.

There are some websites for application tracking, getting response and information including Internsme, Bayt, LinkedIn as they keep lists of part-time, contractual and full time jobs. Some other sites are Naukri Gulf, Monster Gulf and Gulf Salary. Besides these websites there are some other sources of listings in the classifieds section in prominent newspapers such as Gulf News or you may get it online on classifieds websites, for example, GetThat. Tips to find  job in Dubai UAE.

You may not find all details about salary and company names so you should search for the websites that provide all the details. This will also be helpful for our upcoming 5th tip.

  1. Be active mostly on LinkedIn

You can find new platforms to showcase your skills and strength. LinkedIn is the best platform to look for jobs and also for networking where you can get in touch with the people of your field. However, if you are not active on LinkedIn, you might not get noticed by the recruiters. With the help of using sections you can create your profile. LinkedIn supports ranking of profiles and the best thing you can get is ‘All Star’ ranking. This can happen only when you fill all the required information and attach media and documents. For instance, attach your resume to the summary section which will make easier for a head hunter to download instead of tracking you down through messages. Tips to find job in Dbai.

You can use Pulse blog forum for writing down the things that grab your attention both creatively and professionally. Do not use dull photograph on your profile instead share a photograph with little smile and be amicable. Tips to find  job in the Dubai UAE.

It is also essential to connect with job poster of the gulf jobs you have applied to and saved.  This means that you have tried everything you could and now it is worth waiting for a call back.

  1. Official websites

Different companies like hospitality companies including Marriot; large international and local companies containing aviation businesses such as Emirates and Fly Dubai; finance firms such as KPMG, Emirates NBD and PWC and advisory ones such as Reuters have career portals in their website that are fully functional.

It is a direct method than going to a third-party website for instance, LinkedIn. These portals may take much time as you have to submit your application and you need to provide details of your prior work experience and qualification; but the best thing is that you can easily track your application.

Besides, online submission you can also email their HR department along with your job ID to get updates. Usually, they conduct online tests on their websites so that it gets easier for you to get to next level after shortlisting.

  1. Business lists

So, you have been hunting for thousands of jobs and now you need to do something instead of applying and waiting. Here, it is convenient to get the company’s name. you should still continue applying to the job posts of ‘Confidential Company’. Create an Excel sheet where names of company are listed and you have applied there for job. In LinkedIn, you can easily get the job posters and job posts are with company names.

You have to create a database of all the companies where you have applied along with their phone numbers and email which can easily be traced from their websites. You have to add the date of application in one of the columns in order to track that who long it has been since you applied. Tips to find job in Dubai UAE.

  1. Keep interacting on Contacts

After a week of applying on the job site such as LinkedIn or company website, you can use your new phone book and make a sequence of cold calls to the favorite ones on the list. A main thing for which you should be prepared for is the insulted remarks and a simple old phone hang-up. The recruiters, phone operators and even receptionists can be cruel. However, if you have called 10 people, it is possible that any one of them may lead you to the HR team also, they may note down your name. Tips to find job in Dubai UAE.

The advantage is tha when they go through your application that is sent through normal platforms some weeks ago, they may recall name and the call. Now that one second is worthy as it is the time to decide to look at your resume from thousands that came in. if you follow all the tricks mentioned in this article then this is what you did right and the recruiters will know that you are suitable for the job within seconds. Keep trying, one call is enough to take you to your dream job.

  1. Be quick in applying

Generally, few months spent unemployed is thought to be the most highly exclusive and unproductive stage of one’s life. You should utilize that time in learning something that you always wanted to do and learn those things that can help you in your career. It will really work for you and will make you able to talk confidently about things in which you used to take interest. You can even start a blog this will help you in acquiring new skills and will keep you productive and well-balanced. Tips to find job in the Dubai UAE.

  1. Be strong enough

Don’t get disappointed on what people say about your strengths. Living in Dubai without job is really tough and getting a job is quite difficult. But this is not in a way, a true reflection of your skills and abilities. There is always best waiting around the corner, in the bigger plans of life. Deal cold call people happily, if they blow the phone in your ear always think that how good it is that you are not working for them, just move on. Spend your time in doing things that please you either for free or for little money. Tips to find job in Dubai UAE.

There is something good waiting for you. Sometimes it is good to take a risk while in other times taking a step back to relax is the best idea. Life is too short and difficult, if you are not glad, every day will get harder than it truly is. Good luck!

This is a general guide based on personal experience. Follow the tips and tricks as a guide and not like the rules. Gulf News is not accountable for any damage and loss resulting in the misuse or misunderstanding of these tips.