Annual leave in UAE as per UAE labour law

Annual leave in UAE as per UAE labour law

Every worker wishes to go get an annual leave at the end of the year. It is a workers’ right to get an off from work and rest. But, what is the procedure for getting an annual leave in the UAE?

Annual leave in the UAE:

Check out the basic employee rights for annual leave in the UAE: UAE annual leave process.

Annual leave in UAE as per UAE labour law

Dubai employees with the annual leaves

According to human resources law, government employees will get 12 types of yearly leaves. This will happen from January 2019. And, the managers have to respond to these leaves applications within 10 days.

Now, from the report sources, these 12 leaves are:

1.Mourning leave.

2.Sick leave.

3.Maternity leave.

4.Paternity leave.

5.Leave for events participation.

6.Leave for Hajj.

  1. Death-related events leave.

8.Annual leave.

9.Leave for partner/study.

10.For national service and reserve.

11.Leave without pay.

12.Accompanying sick leave.

What days are the annual leave holidays in the UAE?

Normally, companies give 30 days’ leave to their employees. However, some companies see the working grades for leaves. These grades come as:

1.30 working days for grade 12 and above.

2.25working days for 4-11 grades.

3.18 working days for grades 3 and below.

What is annual leave in UAE and who is eligible for that?

Annual leave is a paid leave and an employer pays the worker for the leave. And, this leave is a relaxation for one year service. Also, according to UAE Labour Law, a government employee who works for the whole day, is eligible. And, the employer will give him a 30 day paid off from the work.

Also, note that the company will not give an air ticket for the holidays at all. This is only possible if the worker has finished a 2-3 year contract. Also, the company will pay for the ticket to the worker’s homeland if he does not renew the contract. For more details, read UAE Labour Law article 131.

Also, article 76 states that, an employer can change or divide a worker’s holidays in case of work pressure. However, if this is not the case, a worker can decide when he/she wants an off. Also, this is necessary for them both to agree.

And, article 80 states that an employer has to pay the full amount to the worker before leaving. And, article 77 states that any other holidays during annual holidays will count in the same.

Another article 82 states that employer will pay for any sickness that employer has during holidays. Also, according to article 89, if the workers do not rejoin timely, the employer shall deduct the salary of the due dates. And, a worker cannot work for someone else during the leave. Or, he will face termination.

Also note that:

1.A worker will not get sick leave during the probationary period.

2.He/she will be paid for the same company work during holidays. The payment will be immediate.

3.If eligible, the worker will get a housing allowance and basic salary during annual holidays.

So, that is the whole eligibility criteria for annual holidays.