Best time to Visit Dubai 2023

Best time to Visit Dubai 2023

In last few decades, Dubai, the capital of UAE has become a magnificent place to visit whether you are a tourist, or planning to enjoy holidays with your friends and family. Talking about tourism, Dubai is the fourth mostly visited place in the world because of being the most populous and one of the popular state of United Arab Emirates (UAE) million of tourists visit Dubai every year. People from all around the World whether they are eastern or western are welcomed by this deserted state. Best time to visit Dubai in 2023.

Best time to Visit Dubai 2023


All the international visitors are welcomed to capture and witness the Islamic way of life. First of all, for travelling purposes, mostly people prefer to visit Dubai, Secondly, the most important thing to keep in mind is when and how to travel. So there are some guidelines that you need to know before visiting this worthy place. Best time to Visit Dubai 2023.

Cost wise best suitable time to visit Dubai

Mostly people like to visit Dubai in the winter seasons that come in November- February. most of the events and other tourism activities are on its peak in these months, so prices are also on its peak in these months. If you consider a quality hotel to visit Dubai in winter like Atlantis it may charge 1000$. But, the same hotel will charge 500$ in summers with same accommodations.

Technically, In winter seasons, people prefer the most to visit Dubai, despite of the fact that the weather may be wet and the prices may be high.

June-august can be regarded as the hottest months in Dubai as the temperature rises to maximum. That even at nights the atmosphere is not pleasant. Due to extreme weather it is sometimes preferred to not visit in these months. Best time to Visit Dubai 2023.

Weather – best suitable time to visit Dubai

Talking about the weather of United Arab Emirates, it is mostly warm all around the year due to its deserted region. Someone, who wants to escape from the colder region of theirs, Dubai can be the best place. Best time to visit Dubai.

Temperature falls minimum in the last and very first months of the year. You can enjoy activities like sunbathing, skydiving etc on special occasions. For these purposes you have to pay for public places as the private places are reserved by people. December – February are the prime months to visit Dubai.

Tips for best time to visit Dubai

Emirati can be the best option for you if you want to get the experience of a lot of hotels and flights in Dubai. In this way, you can save money in the journey of going out in hot and hard weather of Dubai.

If you want to get the best experience then reserving your visit in winter seasons will help you a lot to enjoy the best weather. You can enjoy and interact with many activities and indoor experiences. In extreme weather, you are advised to not visit Dubai.

When not to travel to visit Dubai.

Keeping in mind the Islamic calendar you can see that where the month on Ramadan lies so you can plan your trip avoiding to go in that month because many of the activities are prohibited in this month like drinking, eating in the day light. Moreover, many companies and restaurants are closed for people in day light. But some hotels still accommodate tourists.