CV for Dubai Jobs

Curriculum Vitae for Dubai Jobs

A “cv” is an acronym for Curriculum Vitae. Although the cv is a detailed document, it also includes the demographics of an individual. The comprehensive document is a description of personal and professional details. The article discusses the details on Curriculum Vitae or CV for Dubai Jobs. Dubai is a commonly approached place for many when it comes to employment. Moreover, it is a multicultural city and easily absorbs people holding different nationalities.

Information like achievements, work experience, scholarships etcetera helps the employer to make the right choice for their organization. Quite often, the word resume and cv are used interchangeably. But they are two separate documents. A resume must never exceed the limit of two pages, whereas the case is different on another part. A well framed cv will always help you to get and grab an opportunity to meet the employer. As Dubai is the renowned place for millions of job applicants, you need to be quite intelligent when applying to a job.

CV for Dubai Jobs


Always include a nicely professionally clicked photograph in your Curriculum Vitae for Dubai Jobs
Never miss out your basic demographics
Apart from this your cv must contain your gender.
Moreover, the details should be presented in a chronological order.
Cv must have a professional look.
Mention previously received awards and honors.
In addition to this, state the publications under your name.
List down your hobbies and interests.
Complete and sequenced academic history.
Also mention any volunteer work performed.
Contact information should be there.
Always stay available on the mentioned contact number and email address.


Unprofessional cv formatting
Inappropriate word selection
Impression of a job hopper.
Full of grammar errors.
Mentioning irrelevant details
Using a foolishly named email address


Step 1:

Without a doubt, the first and foremost thing  for your Curriculum Vitae for Dubai Jobs is to include your complete name. You may include contact details and your address may or may not be mentioned. But don’t forget to write your city or area of residence.

Step 2:

Your academic history and educational background must be mentioned in a reverse  chronological order, that is starting from the recent to the oldest. Additionally, you may also include dates attended and duration of your academic programs.

Step 3:

Furthermore, you should keep and write a record of your professional expertise and experiences. And you must not forget to mention your important duties and responsibilities at the job.

Step 4:

Now, as you mentioned the other details now is the time to make a separate skill section. Also enter your skills that you feel may interest the employer.

Step 5:

Briefly mention the awards that you might have received or any scholarships as a result of your distinctive performance.

Step 6:

After that, include those presentations or publications that are worth mentioning. Such skills can add credibility to your profile. You must include here the related citations and evidences needed.

Step 7:

Most importantly, if you’re the member of any organization now is the time to mention it. Under this section you include all those professional affiliations you hold.

When applying for any job and drafting a cv for Dubai jobs especially, your first and foremost priority should be analyzing the employer’s needs. Many employers themselves highlight their requirements. So your priority should be drafting a cv that matches their requirements and needs.

CV for Dubai Jobs

Dubai Jobs

Dubai being the central hub for jobs in UAE have always been the focus of the candidates when looking for any jobs. Hundreds of websites have given different cv samples but none of them stays true when it comes to a grabbing a job for a candidate. Whenever you write a cv, the first and foremost thing you must keep in mind is the ATSes, that is the Applicant Tracking System. Undoubtedly this system stores the cv’s received and keeps them in their data base and stores them. Then those cv’s are reviewed as per the need of the hour.

Tips and Tricks

Used two columns for framing your c.v.

Always use a professionally clicked photograph on the top left corner of the c.v

Your name should be written in a well highlighted manner

Try to make proper segregation in the cv

However, mixed up or unclear information gives a bad impression to the employer about the candidate.

Points to ponder

While writing a curriculum vitae remember that you are competing hundreds of candidates for the same post.

Always divide your cv into different sections.

Choose clear fonts.

The headings should have uniformity in them.

The dates mentioned in the cv should follow a similar format.

Avoid adding unnecessary graphics in them.

The cv should have relevant and necessary details.

PDF Version

Above all and most importantly, always save your cv in a pdf format so that the document doesnot loose its layout. Pdf version does not allow the document to loose its alignment.

But be very sure whether the employer accepts pdf cv or not.

Additionally your Linkedin profile can be a wonderful add on for your cv. Despite of entering other contact details, don’t forget to mention links to such professional forums.

Use tables and graphs instead to give a quick view and look at your professional and academic details.

It should be noted that the information that you enter in your cv must match to that of your profile, otherwise immediately you’re out of the competition.

C.V. Summary

Always include your summary or description about your personality. The first and foremost thing that an employer encounters is the summary of your personality. However, a summary should always include a brief account of a candidate’s skills and expertise. CV for Dubai Jobs.

The summary must be limited to a hundred words. However, it can be entitled as CV Objective as well.

Last but not the least, be cautious while your selection of words when writing or drafting a c.v. Always start with a positive note. Moreover, use an appropriate tone as well throughout the c.v.

Always highlight and mention those qualifications, of whom evidence you can provide with.

There are no special guidelines for convincing the employers of Dubai to give you the job. However, the above mentioned do’s and dont’s will help you draft out your curriculum vitae.