Domestic workers Visa renewal Facility UAE

Domestic workers Visa renewal Facility UAE

All the domestic workers in the UAE can renew their Visas now. And, the credit goes to UAE Domestic workers guide and rules of maids UAE. So, this guide allows all domestic workers for updated visa renewal facilities.

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Increasing demands for maids:

The current ministry has made efforts for house workers and maids in the UAE. And, that’s because the residents need to hire domestic workers more than before. So, you can call it a cause of development or whatever. But, a huge demand to hire more workers for homes has increased. And, the government has made some changes in UAE visa rules for that.

New permit labor law

UAE labor law work states the rule that workers will get Visa renewal only till 60 years. And, after crossing the age of 60, there will be no renewal or new work permit requests. However, the minister has made some changes on November, 23,2019.

And, according to the new rule, domestic workers can get visa renewal at the age of 60. However, some conditions are to look at before applying for the Visa renewal.


Terms and Conditions

1.A worker must be physically and mentally healthy. And, the UAE government medical authorities will take medical tests of the workers. So, if the reports come out clear, they will be able to work.

2.Any family hiring a domestic worker 60 years of age(or above) will handle medical expenses. Also, it will be their responsibility to give medical facilities to their worker.

3.The worker’s approval is necessary for continuing to work. Also, their visa renewal depends on their will for working as maids or workers.

However, take note that this option is only for the workers staying in the UAE.  And, those who are not already in the UAE will not get the facility. And, there are some more conditions. So, only domestic workers having an expired contract of 3 months will get a renewal.

And, to make it more simple, anyone having an invalid visa can not get a renewal.

List of domestic workers’ categories




4.A private sailor.


6.A household shepherd.

7.Parking valet worker.

8.Household horse groomer.

  1. A household falcon trainer and caretaker.

10.Private PRO.


12.A gardener.

13.Domestic laborers.

14.A private teacher.

15.Private cook.

16.A private agricultural engineer.

  1. Private coach.
  2. A security guard.

19.Family chauffeur.

20.Household farmer.



But, UAE workers and employers need one more step from the government. And, that is, the workers may be able to stay in the UAE for family feeding for a long time. Also, that’s in case if they love to live with some cooperative families. And, the employers want this to happen too. However, that’s because they trust their old workers.

How workers can apply for renewal?

For renewal, TADBEER is one of the safest sources. And, this service center gives complete information about jobs to the workers. Also, no matter if they live in or out of the UAE. And, any worker can contact them for visa  renewal UAE, file opening, visa cancellation, and more.