FAB Bank Balance Check – FAB Balance Check Online

FAB Bank Balance Check – FAB Balance Check Online 

You can check FAB bank balance with this facility is being provided at the FAB portal. There is also any opportunity make a FAB balance inquiry on the fab ATM as well. Whereas you can also use FAB Mobile App for this purpose. We will guide below in more details about FAB balance check online in this article. FAB Balance Check Online.

As you know that bank issues various type of credit and prepaid cards to its client which are in vast numbers of clients. Bank is offering prepaid debit and credit cards.

Banks offers other services as well, from saving accounts to current, and salary accounts. For checking into salary account you need to search ‘’FAB Bank Salary Account Balance Check’’ during your salary transfer days.

Now FAB Bank Online Balance Checking

In this article we will learn about some valuable information about FAB Bank Online Balance Checking. Most of the people is looking for this query on web and here we are trying to give you best solution for this. With updated and latest information you will be able to check your information online easily. FAB balance check online.

First Abu Dhabi Bank is UAE’s best bank and is now the largest bank and one of the world’s largest and safest and trusted Banks. Whereas Bank offers wide range of solutions, and products and services. It is also provide a customized experience to its valuable customers.

FAB Balance Check

Bank also provides you opportunity to check fab balance on your mobile device as well. In other terms it is also called ‘’Ratibi Card Balance Check” as well. In this method you can check FAB balance inquiry as the system will be used in this method. You need to have your FAB prepaid card and then you will be able to know it in these 3 simple steps.

1.    Open the relevant page of the FAB portal on your browser by clicking on this link.


FAB Bank Balance Check - FAB Balance Check Online
FAB Bank Balance Check – FAB Balance Check Online ( Screengrab Bankfab.com) FAB Balance Check Online

2. Fill in the first empty box as seen in the screenshot by entering the final two digits of the FAB prepaid card numbers; remember its last 2 digits of your card.

3. Then, Follow the instruction as shown on the screen; type your card ID in the second box on the go. Now press the “Go” button and wait for a moment to load more information.

How to Check FAB Salary Account Balance?

You can use your salary prepaid card to check the details as required. Now you can use same method to check salary balance as you have used to check in previous method of check FAB balance. Enter your FAB card details and you will be able to see your balance.

Most of the people use web or online tools to check their FAB balance, as its not easy to go to ATM machine every now and then to FAB Balance Check Online.

PPC nbad Balance Check

As you have seen details of check your balance above, for your normal account and for the salary account. You can check same way your PPC nbad balance as well.

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Check FAB Balance Inquiry On Mobile App

There is another method to check your FAB Balance on mobile app. In this method you need to have Mobile app on your device for FAB mobile balance check. Being a FAB account holder, you need to have and install the FAB app on your mobile phone. You can install application from Google paly store and use it accordingly.

The other way for you is to Check FAB Balance,  just visit the official website of Bank, the address is https://ppc.bankfab.com/PPCInquiry

Balance Checking e Dirham FAB Bank Online

  • You must go to the website, then type your “Last 2 digits of Card No,”
  • Now enter your Card ID,” and finally press the “GO” button.
  • You will now be able to see your balance after entering the details

Instantly Check Fab Balance online – FAB Balance Check Online

  • Just visit the website ( Official Website), then type your “Last 2 digits of Card Number”
  • Now write the Card ID
  • As seen on Screen check the GO button!
  • After this, you will be able to see your balance!

FAB Cash back Offer – Salaried Persons

Get up to AED 5,000 in cash back for receiving payment through FAB account. Now you can use FAB Mobile App to easily create an FAB account for your needs. Here you will be able to transfer your salary via the FAB Mobile app as well. You can also start depositing your pay/salary into an active FAB account and receive up to AED 5,000 in cash back. With this opportunity for cash back, you must be able to demonstrate the transfer of two or more salary to your FAB Balance Check Online.

This option is available to you as a national of the UAE and If you’re an expatriate, you can make up to AED 2500 in cash back with receiving up to AED 5000 in cash back. The money earned will be recognized as FAB Points for you. You would be able to use and spend at your favorite stores, make your Salik payments and utility bills, among other things as well. You can also redeem it for cash back on your account as well which is up to you how you use them. This is how you can Check FAB bank balance online. 

Offer For UAE Nationals – FAB Balance Check Online

AED 5,000 to AED 25,000 3% 150 – 750
AED 25,000 to AED 50,000 4% 1000 – 2000
AED 50,000 Plus 10% 5000 – 5000


You can use you point various terms of services and can turn into cash as well.

Offer For Expats

AED 5,000 to AED 25,000 2.5% 125 – 625
AED 25,000 to AED 50,000 3% 750 – 1500
AED 50,000 Plus 5% 2500 – 2500


While creating FAB account you would be able to have great benefits. Having special deals, discounts from top retailers in United Arab Emirates. This all you can get even without minimum balance limit when you create the FAB One account. You can also get complimentary Platinum Mastercard debit card.

With The Mobile app from FAB you can get all information with ease of access. You can save your time and do everyday banking from your mobile with its app. .

Note: We are providing you relevant information as much as we can to facilitate you. For any change or updates you can check FAB balance official links.  As in this article I have tried my best to facilitate you with your queries about FAB balance check online. Hope it will help you finding your answers regarding FAB Balance Check Online.