Finding Job in Dubai through Experience

Finding job in Dubai through experience

Finding job in Dubai is not as easy as it looks but here I am sharing own experience that how I was able to found job in UAE  and I want everyone can go through this to find job and being and getting success. Finding Job in Dubai through Experience.

Finding Job in Dubai through Experience

Making list of companies:

When you were in your own country and planning to visit Dubai (UAE), you need to try to make as much contact as you can through social Media website (LinkedIn, Facebook). You don’t need to inquire directly for job and say like this I am needy, I need help, need to ask about your scope.

You need to interact with them to understand the job market and current situation of your field in which you are looking for. Should not ask the same thing to your contacts, be calm and respectful to them. If you are not getting response, may be they don’t know or have no idea about that you have asked them.

  1. Planning with 3 months Visit Visa: You should try not to come to UAE during Ramadan time (April-May Month) as you will find very few opportunities in this period of time. Best months to find a job in Dubai are from October to February each year. As there are lots of vacancies during this time.
  1. Coming out of comfort zone:  If you are really looking to find job, come out of your comfort zone for these three months don’t sit at home/flat. Keep checking online jobs, newspapers, and visiting company and your friends/links. Keep in touch with friends and links and don’t be shy when you come for visit, as this might give you some results through links as well. With my first visit which was a failed try I got all through this and was not following above points? I have been sitting in my flat and was waiting for a miracle to happen which dint come through.
  1. Internship programme:  When you are not find any job or not getting response, than look for internship program. You will find many firms offering internships, and many of them are paid also. Getting experience and links would be very helpful through paid or free internship. You will find a lot of fake sites online but through newspaper you can find real jobs easily. Or you can download list of Company in UAE and keep visiting their website to find job.