Highest Paying Jobs in UAE – Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs in UAE – Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs

Are you looking for Jobs in UAE, this is often searched by job seeker from all over the world with the  high salaries and other benefits including medical, visa accommodation etc. With the passage of tim  Dubai is now a famous travel destination because of its landscape, shopping centers, beautiful cuisine, luxurious Hotels, and modern architecture. Dubai city attracts visitors numerous major corporations that wish to capitalize on the fast growth of the UAE. That’s why people look to find job in Dubai as well as it provide jobs with high benefits pay packages.  Highest Paying Jobs in UAE – Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs in UAE - Top 7 Highest Paying Jobs

Accountant Jobs

Average pay: AED 10K -16K)

Being Accountants you need to be well versed in database and spreadsheet software which are on high in demand. You should be having critical thinking and problem-solving skills and ability analyze the company accounts and financial analysis. Accountancy is also a deemed popular vacancy as professionals are required for companies in all sectors and industries. Whereas certified chartered accountants are preference especially if they have good credentials and experience.  Whereas being a  Senior accountants candidates  can earn up to four times the monthly salary as compare to accountant. Highest paid jobs in UAE.

Mechanical Engineer

Average pay: AED 15K-70K)

Other than software jobs in UAE, mechanical engineering jobs in UAE also offer attractive salaries packages. Since the start of development in UAE, Mechanical engineers are needed in Dubai’s various sectors including aviation and automotive industries. Positions also available in the construction sector to build and maintain elevators, electrical generators, and air and heating systems etc. Engineering Jobs in UAE.

Electrical Engineer/Project Engineer

Average pay packet: AED 10K-50K)

Electrical Engineer help in running the company from power to energy in any company. There is Equal demand for Electrical engineer as well in UAE, Electrical engineers collaborate with mechanical engineers in order to design and develop electrical elements required for the machinery. Demand for electrical Engineers is in all sector but mainly for medical, aviation, automotive, navigation, and telecommunications sectors. Being Electrical engineers you need to have soft and technical skills such as creativity, communication, and good skills of computer coding and electrical circuitry.

Civil Engineer

Average pay packet: AED 15K -70k

Till now engineering are the most demanding jobs in Middle East and in UAE as well, ongoing construction project in UAE need civil engineers. As you know that Dubai is a man-made modern wonderful city and it has large shopping malls, tall skyscrapers and other iconic wonders built by expert civil engineers. As the city continues to grow and develop Civil engineers are required to work with government employees, architect, and construction worker. You need to have communication skills as well as fluency in Arabic and English. Also should be well versed in local building regulations and laws.

Business Development Manager/Operation Manager

Average pay packet: AED 15K -40K

Primary responsibility of a business development manager is to assists in firm growth. As a BDM You’ll be leading marketing and sales teams, to bring and find fresh business relationships and maintain and enhance existing ones. For this role you should have good negotiation and persuasion practices with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, business. Jobs in Dubai UAE, Highest Paying jobs in UAE.