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How to check UAE labour card online

If you are living in the UAE, you must know about the labour card. And, if you don’t know, read the article completely because this is important. A UAE labour card represents your working place data. So, if you are living in UAE with a residence visa, you must have this card. How to check UAE labour card online.

How to check UAE labour card online  

And, this card has the exact details of your working contract as labour. But, if you don’t have a printed card in hand, that is fine. You will get the online record of your card easily.

In the year 2010, the MOL printed the labour cards. However, later they kept the record online and people were able to download the record.

Let’s see what procedure you have to follow for downloading a digital copy of labour card. How to check UAE labour card online.

How to download a digital copy of a labour card?

So, before we get into the process, note that labour card and Emirates id are two different things. Now, the first step is to download the Mohre app online. And, Mohre stands for Ministry of human resources and Emiritaization. Also, this app is for IOS devices and Android devices as well.

Once you have installed the application, click on the signup button and make an account. And, you will get three options like an employee, employer, or a domestic worker sponsor. So, as you are a worker in UAE, you will choose the “employee” option.

Now, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

After choosing the employee option, you will see a page where you have to add a passport number. Now, this is a registration page and you have to choose nationality from the drop-down list. Also, add your date of birth and click on the next option.

Step 2:

Now, you have to create a username and password. And, retype the password to confirm it and provide an active contact number. Also, you will need to share your email address to get a confirmation link. How to get UAE labor card?.

Step 3:

Also, answer your favorite security questions and click on the next option.

Step 4:

Read terms and policies and click on “I agree”. Then, click on the next option.

Step 5:

Now, you will get an OTP and email on the mobile number. And, add your OTP/ ETISALAT and send it to OTP.

Step 6:

So, after all the process, you will get an email and password confirmation once again. And, this is to activate your account. Now, log in with the user name and password and go to the employee option. UAE labour card procedure.

Employee settings

Moreover, you have to answer some security questions and you will reach the dashboard. And, here you will see your profile photo of password and person code UAE with full name. Now, click on “my dashboard” and the list appears with the Labour card option at the top.

After that, scroll down the profile and you will get:

1.View labour card.

2.View passport.

3.View contract.

Now, click on the view labour card option, and an image will appear. Now, click to save the image.