How to get Healthcare job in Qatar – Gulf Job Point

How to get Healthcare job in Qatar – Gulf Job Point

Qatar is a developed country and its health system is far better than many other gulf countries. It offers attractive benefits and facilities to the health care workers. It has world standard hospital in the country like Hammad Medical Corporation, Sidra medicine. These centers provide excellent medical facilities across country. Find healthcare jobs in Qatar.


The basic requirement is that you need to pass QCHP licensing requirement and what are DCHP licensing requirement, you can read full details on website in details.  You need to have all important documents with you including your education documents/diploma, Passport, ID and past working history.  These are the details you must have before applying for the healthcare worker in Qatar. How to get Healthcare job in Qatar.

After getting your documents ready, now you will have to submit your source verifications and submit your data record using Gulf bridge service. After this you can qualify for the qualification exam to be eligible. This exam consist of two hours in which you have to answer various questions related to your profession.

What if you are not able to pass test and didn’t qualify? You don’t need to worry about that you can qualify for it again and can reappear. It’s better to find some helping material to reapply again so that you can clear it.

How to apply

As stated above Hammad healthcare and Sidra medical Qatar are the key healthcare service provider in Qatar. Therefore from time to time they required healthcare workers to fulfill country needs. You can check these two companies website for Job opportunities and check the open positions and apply accordingly.