How to get Job in Dubai in 2023

How to get Job in Dubai in 2023

Dubai has been the biggest platform to avail job opportunities and make yourself financially stable. You make this journey with a lot of people from all around the World. Here is how to get job in Dubai easily in 2023.

In this article, you will know about the 3 best ways to apply for and land a job in Dubai. You may find it difficult to apply successfully for the job as with thousands of job opportunities, you may get confused to choose the one for you.

This article will present you with the best strategies to how how to get job in Dubai.

How to get Job in Dubai in 2023
How to get Job in Dubai in 2023 How to get Job in Dubai easily

Through Dubai job boards

Here is a list of some magnificent Dubai job boards that you are advised to use to apply for jobs.

  • Indeed
  • Bayt
  • Naukri Gulf
  • Gulf Talent
  • Laimoon

There is a vast amount of other job boards but here were the names of the top five job boards that will help you apply for the latest jobs efficiently.

Important Points

  • Log in to all the suitable job boards and make your profile.
  • Spend time making a qualified CV that represents you in the best way, keeping in mind all the standards of companies.
  • Make sure to use a professional e-mail and profile. Add all the current information in the profile.
  • Do proper research using job boards, making a list of all the companies and positions they are offering.

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Thing to avoid while applying

Don’t apply for a job until you are confident enough that you can do this job efficiently, and avoid applying for every job without thinking twice that whether you are qualified enough for that job or not.

Apply for the job only if your skills, CV, and experience match the relevant job.

Through LinkedIn

People and companies in UAE use and prefer LinkedIn a lot for finding applying for, and posting jobs that’s why you are recommended to use it too while applying for a job.

For this, Make sure to make an up to dated profile on LinkedIn following the Dubai standards.

Way to find through Linkedin

  • Use LinkedIn to apply for job opportunities

Use LinkedIn to explore job opportunities for yourself. You can judge the number of job opportunities via LinkedIn usage statistics.

You can also use LinkedIn premium features for a better experience.

apply for jobs on LinkedIn

  • Go to profile, and click on jobs at the title bar.
  • You will see a column on the left side. Select job alerts.
  • Select search for jobs.
  • Add Dubai in the search column and press enter.
  • keep the notifications alerts on to get notified timely.


  • Use LinkedIn to approach hiring managers

 Use the LinkedIn premium feature to reach out to hiring managers, HR, and team leads.

In case, you don’t have a premium feature for the time being, just use the free trial. You can avail of its benefits even after canceling it.

Write a captivating cover letter including the important keywords related to your job and send them an email.

Link to hiring manager

You can approach the hiring directors directly, then you should keep an eye on the person who is posting the job the respective job.

You can directly send an InMail to that person.

Steps applying for jobs on LinkedIn

You have to make sure that your profile is completely preventable.

To make a completely up-to-date profile you can show these 10 steps.

Steps for LinkedIn profile

  • Create an amazing LinkedIn banner image.
  • Add a professional profile picture with good quality.
  • Add location.
  • Add the current number and E-mail.
  • Add an attractive headline.
  • Edit your about section by adding captivating information.
  • Add a satisfying sample in the featured section.
  • Add details of your experience.
  • Add your skills.
  • Get a great LinkedIn option on your profile.

Through Dubai recruiter

Partnering with a Dubai recruiting is one of the effective ways to get the job.

Here is the list of what Dubai recruiters can do:

  • They have more relations and contacts in the job market.
  • They can make you understand the things that you have to avoid.
  • They will enhance the ways of more opportunities for you by forwarding your CV to the right place.
  • They will guide you efficiently about the interview.
  • They will help you out in finding a job with the best suitable salary.

Talking or meeting with recruiters is best as they can help you find out ways for job opportunities as they are specialized in this field.

  • Use the above-mentioned job boards, and apply only to the jobs you think you can do appropriately.
  • Make an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, and use LinkedIn premium features to reach out to hiring managers directly.
  • Reach out to a recruiter as they can efficiently identify your skills and situation and can find a suitable job for you. How to get Job in Dubai in 2023.


you can get your desired job with a little effort and putting in your time, reaching out to recruiters, and applying for the jobs that suit you. This article will help you avoid all the mistakes and guide you to find a job in Dubai. If you have any question, write below in Comment,  will try to get back to you as soon as possible. How to get Job in Dubai in 2023.