5 Most in-demand job vacancies in the aviation sector in UAE

5 most in demand job vacancies in the aviation sector in UAE

As the aviation industry is slowly recovering after the devastating impact of the recent viral disease, industry is facing shortage of skilled staff globally to lucrative job opportunities. 5 most in-demand job vacancies in the aviation sector in UAE.

5 Most in-demand job vacancies in the aviation sector in UAE

That is the main reason of industry having big job opportunities with the staff shortages in aviation sector in UAE. Most of the students joining the industry while taking courses in aviation sector, and the number of application being doubles as compare to the previous years. WE have listed below Five most in-demand vacancies in the aviation sector right now:

1. Aircraft mechanics

After few years of pandemic as industry suffered huge losses and industry has recovered faster than expected, and one of the most demanded professions if of aircraft mechanics.

The job is about inspecting mechanical system and malfunctions and repairing aircraft parts. Checking leaks, wings and also ensure compliance of the safety rules.

This job is so much important for this industry and its shortage in workforce could delays in aircraft maintenance, which could ultimately delays or cancel flights.

2. Pilots

With the pandemic and operations were put on hold by airline industry for some time and uncertainty of the industry operations makes shortage of pilots as well.

Boing has published Pilot and Technician Outlook which states demand for the professionals in air industry will be higher than expected in next 20 years.

As per this report, alone in Middle East Pilots requirements would be about 53,000 in the stated period. Which mean more jobs opportunities for new pilots in middle east. 5 most demanded job vacancies in the aviation sector in UAE

3. Flight dispatcher

With the revival aviation industry from its worst crisis in recent times, the EAU has highlited in more demand for flight dispatcher certification courses registration.

As the role of thia flight dispatchers is ensure all flights operate safely and efficiently on all routes keep in mind all the situations from flight paths to changing weather conditions. With the number of dlights keep growing demand for flight dispatchers is expected to rise as well.

4. Cabin crew

With the recent halt of flight operations worldwide due to the pendamic cabin crew shortage was the topic of discussions all around. Flight attendants swicthed their job to other industry due to uncertainty and often closure of flights which ultimately resulted in shortage of manpower in this filed. Most in-demand job vacancies in the aviation sector in UAE

As per boing outlook the requirement of Cabin crew would be about 900,000 over the next 20 years, so demand would be very high.

5. Supply chain professionals

Just like other professions of the industry Supply chain disruptions amd shartage was also causd due to the same reason. Demand for qualified Profesional in supply chain is very high for both graduate and undergraduate level. job vacancies in the aviation sector in UAE.