Labour Lawyers in Dubai – Top 5 Employment lawyers

Labour Lawyers in Dubai – Top Employment Lawyers

United Arab Emirates having the most visited city not only in Asia and in the world as well. And other than tourist most of the people comes for the employment as well. Dubai job market is growing day by day as its offer competitive employment benefits and perks to the labor as per international standards. That is why more and more people interested to work in the city and in United Arab Emirates. Labour Lawyers in Dubai – Top Employment Lawyers

Labour Lawyers in Dubai – Top 5 Employment lawyers
Labour Lawyers in Dubai – Top 5 Employment lawyers

At the same time people faces Labour and Employment issues from various employment firm for various issues. Labor Laws in United Arab Emirates provide various terms and provision to protect your right. Whereas Employers are supposed to adhere with the process with certain type of business.

Labour Lawyer in Dubai

Find below the list of Top Labor Lawyers in Dubai United Arab Emirates, along with name and Contact Details. Labor Lawyers in Dubai.

S.No Lawyer Name Contact Address
1 Hassan Elhais Labour Lawyers in Dubai +971 4 355 8000 The H-Hotel Office Tower, 29th Floor,
Office no 2904, Sheikh Zayed Road,
P.O Box: 40073 – Dubai
United Arab Emirates
2 Alsuwaidi & Company Dubai +971 4 321 1000 252- Emarat Atrium, Building – Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O Box 7273,Dubai UAE
3 Davidson & Co +971 4 3438897


United Arab Emirates: PO Box 34002, Suite 504, Shangri La Offices, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
4 Hussain Lootah & Associates Dubai  971 4 332 00 04 Hussain Lootah & Associates

17 Floor, Vision Tower 1,
Al Khaleej Al Tejari 1 Street,
Business Bay, P.O. Box 9117
Dubai, UAE. Labour Lawyers in Dubai


5 Ibrahim Khouri Law firm Dubai +971 43266677


2nd December Road, Al Hudaibah
Awards Buildings,
Mezzanine Floor, M-10
6 HHS Lawyers & Legal Consultants +971 42555496 WhatsApp (Messaging Only): +971 52 1782469
WhatsApp & Phone: +971 52 1782364
Landline: +971 4 2555496 (9AM – 7PM GMT+4 – Monday to Friday)
7 Ask The Law  Employment Lawyers in Dubai +971 501888453 Fifty-One Tower – Unit 1601 – Marasi Dr – Dubai, UAE


It is also known as city with business hub of United Arab Emirates so it is ultimate requirement of all to have employment in Lawyers in Dubai, Demand is on the rise. With good rules and regulation is in process, Labour Layers in Dubai are known to be well disciplined and trusted.

Labour Lawyers in Dubai – Top Employment Lawyers

Labour Lawyers Service in Dubai

The Labour Lawyers in Dubai, Will provides you various services as per your requirements. Here are some major supports on issues you can get from Lawyers in Dubai.

  • UAE Immigration Visa.
  • Your Employment Visa cancellation, Issuance and its Renewal related.
  • Having Wrongful Termination, Arbitrary Dismissals related.
  • Being Unpaid Salary, End of Service Benefits, and Compensations by employer.
  • Employment and Termination policies and decisions.
  • Details on Employment contracts drafting.
  • Interpretation of Obligatory Employment Laws, gratuity.
  • Working with Performance Issues.
  • As Collective Bargaining.
  • Dealing with Behavior Issues.
  • Related to Gratuity Matters/Calculation.
  • Labour Contract Drafting/Renewal.
  • Internal Contract Drafting/Renewal.
  • Overall Human Rights.
  • Equity Issues.
  • And other relevant issue related to employment/Labour

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Labour & Employment Dispute in the United Arab Emirates

Any kind of Labour & Employment Dispute in the United Arab Emirates is subject to the Employment Law or the Labour Laws. The main objective of Labour lawyers in Dubai is to expertise includes defending workers against contracts, work schedules, holidays, etc.  Whereas objective of this is obvious to make locals and foreigners aware of their rights and privileges as representatives in the UAE so they may maintain a proper lifestyle. They will offer you excellent legal advice, support, and connections to Dubai’s most seasoned Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai.

It is important to know here that emirates of the United Arab Emirates have federal Labour laws that govern all facets of UAE labor law as per process. Whenever you are in trouble Labor and employment lawyers put in endless effort to uphold the rights of workers in the UAE and bring integrity and stability to society as well. Labour Lawyers in Dubai.

They are going to help you out in obtaining excellent labor law advice and services for wrongful termination, unpaid wages, evading capture, Labour restrictions, entitlements, and more services as well. You will be happy to know that great amount of people have benefited from Labour Lawyers in Dubai UAE, which has also successfully handled thousands of other cases and Labour court cases of United Arab Emirates.

Employment  Lawyers in Dubai

Apart from helping those who are directly impacted by Labour related decisions in the making. Dubai’s employment attorneys also provide advice to big businesses on how to handle Labour disputes that could ultimately harm their reputation as well. It is also important to note that Freelancing, outsourcing, and many other business strategies have become popular as a result of such developments. Labour Lawyers in Dubai 2023.

That are lowering the cost of business but on the other hand leading to severe legal repercussions that need a careful study of international laws and codes of ethics. Whereas the Labour market is full of complexities, and with the promotion of new technologies these hurdles are sure to increase. Our Emirati employment lawyers in Dubai are knowledgeable in UAE employment law. Employment attorneys must fulfill a crucial function for the dispute.

Most Senior – Emirati Labour Lawyer in Dubai

You can find Most Senior, Most Experienced, and Most Reliable Dubai Labour Lawyers in Dubai with Extensive Knowledge and exposure. For the purpose of handling Labour and employment law cases in the UAE, law firm has a separate and dedicated department to deal with such issues.

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Emirati Labour and employment attorneys

We have already discussed in this in our article that, competent attorneys are adept at both court-related and out-of-court settlements at times in Dubai. It helps thorough explanations and resolves all forms of Labour disputes involving the employer and the employee at any point of time after or during your tenure. It also includes negotiations with the employer, court cases, and settlements obtained through the courts and amiable agreements as well.

Labour Law Firm for Free Zone and Main Land Companies

As you know that most of the businesses in Dubai and the UAE’s Free Zones as well as Main Land Companies’ employees have complete faith and satisfaction. Where they are to provide high-quality legal support and services to a very significant number of businesses. Which also includes employers, CEOs, important service employees, and other employees in the UAE?.

Consult with the best Emirati lawyers and legal consultants in the UAE by scheduling a session first. In order to ensure that the clients may succeed using a win-win strategy. Only when you are professional, devoted, determined, experienced, and honest is it achievable with utmost employee’s satisfaction!

UAE Labor Law 2023

As you are aware, the UAE Labour Law were last updated in 2022 and went into effect in February of that year as well. For those matters all companies are now required to abide by the new UAE Labour law as defined. These are not completely revised but there have been several changes made in 2022. By consulting Emirati Labour and employment lawyers in this regard, the rumors might be dispelled as well.

The objective of all this updates and revision is to give employees and businesses/employers more flexibility and better support. After your contract for employment is over and got terminated and the visa is cancelled, a prompt 14-day payment of EOSB is required in this matter. Labour Lawyers in Dubai.

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You also need to note that full-time, part-time, and flexible scheduling has been added as well. In this regards implementation of the process is ensured to support the employee so that correct process is followed. If you are looking to do work as part-time, MOHRE must issue a part-time job permit to you as well. But this is also important that worker or employee should be at least 15 years of age.

Continuous Labour and Employment Law Support

With UAE Employment lawyer you can get support for employment related issues whenever you wish to take. With the UAE revised labor law is revised and the revisions are implemented from February 2022.

Here it’s also important to note that UAE will not stop producing amendments and advancements. And support to continue for producing quality Advocates and Legal Consultants for the employees and employment. In this article we have discussed about Labour Lawyers in Dubai, if you have any question you can comment below.