New Labour Law In UAE

New Labour Law In UAE

UAE President ruler Khalifa bin Zayed, issued announcement to control labor relations within the non-public sector across altered work models, with part-time and temporary work, together with alternative worker rights and introducing new leaves policy. Jobs in Dubai 2022.


Keeping up with speedy changes within the work, the UAE is implementing a replacement labor law that acknowledges completely different work models and responds to employees’ wants. this can be the foremost needed demand it required to be modified consequently. Dr Abdulrahman Al Awar, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization, has explained a number of the key points concerning the law.


Part Time, Temporary versatile, Freelancing, Self-employment Condensed work weeks. Workers will prefer to end their forty hours in 3 days rather than one week as per a signed contract Shared job model: permits 2 individuals to share a similar job associated split the pay supported an agreement with the leader


Changed for a 10-day study leave per year: This rule applies on 2 years of labor with associate leader associated as long as an worker is additionally registered in an exceedingly UAE establishment. Mourning leave that ranges from three to five days 5-day parental leave conjointly. Whereas maternity leave will touch sixty days: forty five days with full wage, and with fifteen days on 0.5 wage. New mothers will get a further 45-day leave while not pay, just in case of associate malady (which affects them or their newborn)  New mothers of infants with special wants area unit entitled to a 30-day paid leave once their initial maternity leave.


This rule applies to teenagers UN agency aren’t allowed to figure over six hours daily (with one-hour break)  they ought to be allowed to figure solely once submitting of guardian with a written consent and a medical fitness report. Teenagers add not permissible from 7pm to 7am or interact in risky jobs that may cause hurt to their physical health, ethics and well-being.


The new law protects workers against harassment, bullying, or verbal, physical, or psychological violence) The law conjointly prohibits discrimination on the premise of race, color, sex, religion, position or incapacity ladies ought to be granted a similar wages as men once performing arts a similar work or alternative work of equal worth, to be determined later by a choice of the cupboard.


With operating hour, Not over 2 hours of overtime area unit allowed in at some point ought to the character of the duty need over 2 hours of overtime. Workers should receive associate overtime wage such as regular hour pay with a twenty five per cent increase. If conditions need workers to figure over-time between 10pm and 4am, they’re entitled to associate overtime wage such as regular hour pay with a fifty per cent increase. If employees area unit asked to figure on daily off, they need to get a one-day leave or associate overtime wage such as the regular day pay with a fifty per cent increase.