Qatar Family Visit visa And Tourist Visa Holder  Employment Guide Latest

Qatar Family Visit Visa And Tourist Visa Holder  Employment Guide Latest

Qatar  has allowed the issuing of family and tourist visas. So, Qatar is issuing this visa in the following year on 8th July. And, the ministry has also implemented the resumption of this tourist and family visa. And, the tourists and travelers will follow the new traveling policies. These policies will be implemented on the exact day of issuance.

Qatar Family Visit visa And Tourist Visa Holder  Employment Guide Latest

Now, to keep up with the SOP’s in the pandemic, people from all over the world will be exempted from quarantine under the new policy. The ministry has classified the countries of travelers into three categories. These are green, yellow, and red countries. However, people who got vaccines and are from the red category, must repeat their RT and PCR on arrival. Qatar Family Visit visa And Qatar Tourist Visa Holder  Employment Guide.

While people who belong to green countries will quarantine themselves for 5 days. These people include 75 years or above old people, pregnant or lactating women, and other adults.

Can family-sponsored people or tourist visa holders get a job in Qatar?

A person can apply for a job only when his family member has sponsored him. The above-mentioned people can get a job permit at MADLSA(Ministry of Administrative Development Labor and Social Affairs). Also, the license fee for requesting the permit is QR 500. And, QR 60 is the fee for the contract authentication.

You can get a professional outsourcing service in Qatar to get jobs. However, this work permit is not for those who have a tourist visa. Also, on 22 July last year, 17 Indians went back home for not completing all the requirements. These requirements were about tourist Visas. Indian media revealed that those passengers failed to pay QR5,000  cash or credit.

If a foreign woman visits her husband in Qatar and starts working, she will have her husband’s sponsorship. If the marriage ends, any member can transfer to another applicant after the approval of the competent authority.

A married woman can take registration from the Recruitment department at MADLSA and can get a job. Also, a married woman who is already in Qatar can take registration for work without a separate permit. And, she will need to visit the labor department for a whole process. All the passengers coming to Qatar need to pre-register themselves on the Etheraz website before arriving. And, they must do it 12 hours before arriving.

Also, the natives and GCC citizens don’t need to quarantine if they have taken anyone of the MOPH Qatar vaccine.

MOPH Qatar Recognized vaccine

People who have not taken even a single MOPH vaccine ( Oxford Astrazeneca, Moderna, Pfizer Biontech, and Johnson and Johnson, are in Yellow, Red, and Green countries.

Metrash 2 has allowed Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Nepal for visits. People who visit Qatar with family by air, by sea, or land must fulfill the requirements against Covid.

So, you will get the best assistance in Doha with these services, with recruitment departments, if you are hiring someone under a family visa sponsor.