Reason of Visit Visa change policy

Reason of Visit Visa change policy 

The United Arab Emirates is probably the only country where Pakistanis have always been able to get visas very easily.  But for some time it was happening that people used to come through agents on visit visas, mostly to take jobs from Dubai to Europe.

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They were tricked and when they reached Dubai they were left helpless and then they started begging outside the mosques. Begging on the roadside and even standing inside the mosque after praying and crying. Help us!

In all of this, the United Arab Emirates had to make a policy like the rest of the countries that if you are coming to visit, bring a hotel booking, keep travel insurance, have three to five thousand dirhams or a credit card!.

Remember, among the 90 people who were deported in the past few days, none of them were visitors, none had a hotel booking or a place to stay in Dubai. Said we have come to work! And it is forbidden to work on a visit visa.
Many of you must have traveled to many countries, everywhere immigration asks for money, hotel booking, so what is Dubai doing wrong?

If you are educated and really going to travel to Dubai, the immigration officer has enough experience to know what you are going to do. Keep inshallah everything will be fine!

Now it used to be that people used to make dummy tickets for one month, they would have 500 dirhams in their pocket and no pass, no bank card, no credit card, no answers to questions.

In such a case, decide for yourself how to let him go. And it is the right decision by authorities to make some changes in Visa process to cope with such issues. Reason of Visit Visa change policy UAE.