New Tips How to Write a perfect Resume

New Tips How to Write a perfect Resume For ME

Your resume is key to make your impression on employer at first glance. In this article we will know more about Resume terminologies. New Tips How to Write a perfect Resume.

New Tips How to Write a perfect  Resume

Length of Your Resume

Employers in United Arab Emirates look for a detailed enhanced resumes. It should be more than one pages and must include complete information. If you wish to apply for a good senior job, resume should be more lengthy and updated on three pages

Your Snap

You Resume must be attached with a snap on the top up side of the front page of your resume. Photo size must be in professional passport size photograph having a solid background. As you know that majority of people living in Dubai are Muslim and their culture must be respected. New Tips How to Write a perfect Resume. How to write Resume for Dubai.

Personal Details

Make sure to add these information at top left hand on front page of your Resume, And update below information:

• Name as shown in your passport.
• Your contact number with your country code
• email address
• Your LinkedIn ID
Keep below points intact in details:
• Gender
• Primary Nationality
• Date of birth
• Proficient Languages (Business is conducted in two main languages English and Arabic, but due to wide range of population from India/Pakistan, Urdu/Hindi is widely spoken.

• Current location or residence place
• Marital status and dependents
• Your passport number and the expiry date
• Visa status ( Open-Cancelled-Visat)
• Driving license (if you have valid UAE license than it would be extra advantage). So make sure to mention.


Try to add profile section and your key skills.


Add down education in reverse order and mention degree name followed by university, the country, and the year in which you graduated. Be specific to the point while mentioning your education and institute name.

Employment History

Mention your Key job history in reverse order. You should mentioned your period of employment, with company name and post you employed for. Then at last update your Job key responsibilities and role.