UAE gratuity check, tips for your gratuity in UAE

UAE Gratuity Check, How to get your gratuity in UAE

If you are reading this article, you have seen the termination issue in the UAE. Because several companies give termination letters to their workers. And, their goal is to avoid gratuity in the UAE to save more money. UAE gratuity check.

UAE gratuity check, tips for your gratuity in UAE

But, terminating a worker is illegal. Also, an employee should claim for gratuity and one month’s pay. That is for the notice period. Also, the employer must pay for a sudden fire from the job.

Can any employee loose the gratuity claim?

Still, an employee loses the claim if he breaks the contract. Also, an employer can legally terminate him then. And, this termination is legal in article 120 of  UAE labor. Yet, there are more conditions like: UAE gratuity check.

1-Employ is breaking the limited contract.

2-He resigns before a year.

3-Also, he got a huge amount than a gratuity.

4-He disobeys rules from UAE labour article 120.

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Termination from article 120

The employer can terminate his worker if:

1-He is absent for 7-20 days in a year.

2- Or, he reveals any company’s secret or doesn’t work according to contract.

3- If he has drunk at work.

4- Also, if he fights with any co-worker.

5- Besides, if he shows wrong identity or documents.

6- If the employer hires him under probation, and he has got dismissal.

7- The worker makes material loss or violates safety instructions.

8- Similarly, he has done a crime of Honor, public ethics, or honesty.

Access online gratuity calculator

UAE has online labour standards with services checking Id status, visa status, and labor contracts. So, click the links for end of service calculator for gravity calculation. This is for:

  • Domestic workers.
  • Limited/unlimited contracts.
  • Government/free zone employees.
  • And, for Jazfa employees.