The UAE policy on Domestic Helpers

The UAE policy on domestic helpers

UAE has made some new policies, or you can say that it has polished its policies for the domestic helpers for their security. But, what is the UAE policy on domestic helpers? Let’s check them out!

Before you understand the policy for the domestic helpers in their contracts, let’s see who is called domestic helpers?

The UAE policy on Domestic Helpers

  1. Private sailor
  2. Housemaid
  3. Security guard/ watchman
  4. Parking valet workers,
  5. family chauffeur
  6. House shepherd
  7. household horse groomer
  8. Falcon care-taker/trainer
  9. Private coach.
  10. housekeeper
  11. Domestic laborer
  12. gardener
  13. household farmer
  14. cook
  15. private nurse
  16. Teacher
  17. private agriculture engineer
  18. Nanny

Now, the UAE’s policy on domestic helpers applies to four key areas, and these four areas are the following:


2-Recruitment agencies.

3-Rights and privileges.


Entitlements of the domestic labor

According to the domestic labor law, the UAE’s policy on domestic labor states that:

1.The payment of the work, as set out in the standard contract will be paid within 10 days from the due date.

2.The workers get one day off for rest that is paid.

3.12 hours of rest for workers after 8 hours of consecutive work.

4.Workers get 30 days off that is paid.

5.Employees will get good meals from their employers.

6.Employees will get 30 days medical leave every year.

7.Every employee will get a round trip ticket to home after every two years.

8.Employers will give  decent accommodation to employees.

9.Employees will get suitable attire for their job from employer’s expense, and will get possession of their identification papers like  passports, or , ID card etc.

10.If the  employer or the employee have any dispute, they can refer it to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. They will solve the problem in two weeks. If they can’t solve it within two weeks, this case will be referred to a court.

11.Cases filed by workers are exempt from court fees at all stages of litigation and must be heard speedily and promptly. So, this  was the new UAE policy on domestic helpers.