UAE VISA Information FAQs 2021

UAE VISA information FAQs

UAE VISA Information FAQs

Q: Is abu dhabi borders open now. From dubai to abu dhabi.Travelling by Bus not taxi, any news about it? 

Ans: Not yet but you need swabtest results. Please call 8009090 they’ll update you. Moreover Only private car and taxi is allowed but covid test is mandatory at border. UAE VISA Information FAQs.

Q: How to get ica approval ?

Ans: option 1. No need ICA approval u can come on Sharja airport.air Arabia no need any approval. No need ica Approval on PIA flight.


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Q:  If tourists from Pakistan, can land in Sharjah? No relatives in UAE so just tourist ?

Need Covid negative report , minimum 2000 dirhams show money, Hotel reservation. These 3 requirements are necessary for visit visa for UAE from Pakistan.

Q: When new visa will be open for Pakistan?

Ans: No idea yet, UAE govt will announce that, but currently there is a ban on some countries and Pakistan is in that list.

Q: I am currently on vacation in epal and trying to go back to UAE (Abu dhabi) but my ICA is not approved yet, heard can I fly to Sharjah as they don’t ask for ICA. Does anyone have any idea ?

Ans: yes you can come through sharjah before you booking the ticket confirm from someone in your country like you’re immigration will allow you & also check your Visa Status is Active. Here is an update and you need to check latest update.


Q: Can we extend the visit visa issued by immigration?

Ans: The latest update as announced by UAE govt on 30th December, All visit visa are extended for one month without any fees.

Q: How I can check my overstay fine in UAE? 

Ans:  You need to approach Tasheel to know the current stattus. You can call  80060  and tell them your Passport number and they will confirm you exact amount you need to pay.